Weight Loss Surgery Consulting

 Weight Loss Programs:

  • Pre-Surgery Consulting. For individuals considering Weight Loss Surgery and who will undergo surgery.
  • Post -Surgery Consulting. For individuals who have recently undergone Weight Loss Surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Consulting

Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) is a major life decision. People consider having WLS for many different reasons, not just to lose weight, so many factors are involved. As such, my services address the social, psychological, and physical challenges and opportunities of WLS by offering practical tools and coping strategies. These services are appropriate for individuals considering WLS or who have already undergone WLS.

In 2010, medical concerns led me to undergo Bariatric Gastric Bypass surgery. After the operation, I identified a significant lack of clinicians who were sufficiently trained to help me cope with the physical and mental challenges I faced. Group sessions were hard to find or met at inconvenient times. I also realized that many of the group leaders were under qualified and lacked first-hand knowledge of the WLS process. Though online support groups and information from my surgeon proved useful, it was extremely difficult to find personalized guidance and practical support.

My clinical knowledge and expertise played a major role in succeeding with the weight loss part of WLS. My research training also made it easier to identify credible resources and tools for support. In addition, I interviewed individuals who had undergone the operation and regained weight to identify the reasons for their regain. The strategies I offer my clients are therefore based on my personal experience, my professional expertise, and the insights gained through extensive research.

For clients who have undergone WLS, practical tools and solutions are essential to navigating the initial changes and challenges of losing weight. As my surgeon said, "I can fix the stomach, but I can't fix the brain," where it is important to understand and address the psychological aspects of WLS and make healthy lifestyle choices. The challenges and opportunities associated with this can occur over months and even years. Indeed, WLS is a lifetime commitment. Issues come up personally and socially, as well as sometimes professionally. As a consultant, I provide practical strategies and evidence-based guidance as you adjust to your post-op body.

Programs are customized to the needs of each client. Please contact me for more information.

*Services for WLS consulting are not covered by insurance.